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Benefits of Video Conferencing

When you’re in need of court reporting services, but are unable to drive the distance or successfully arrange a convenient time for all parties involved, call Bartelt Reporting, LLC and schedule a video conference deposition. Video conferencing allows you to communicate via video with individuals located anywhere in the world. We provide the tools that will allow you to record or share your deposition remotely and through our video conferencing software, you can access instant video conferences and share files with all parties involved. All of the necessary audio and video equipment is provided by us, so you’ll never have to worry about extra equipment fees.

A video conference deposition expands your options for acquiring evidence and settling legal disputes without waiting for a time that is convenient across all parties, especially when they’re in spread out locations. One of the major benefits of video conferencing is that it saves time. There’s no need to travel for depositions or other legal services, making accessing the necessary information and settling your case simple and affordable.

At Bartelt Reporting, LLC, we strive to provide the best services for our customers so that their legal disputes can be solved quickly and efficiently. For more information about our court reporting services, visit our website or call us today at 888-809-0103.