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Why Lawyers Should Get on Board with Video Conference Depositions

Traveling to conduct a deposition can become a complete hassle and an 8 hour or less deposition ends up being an undesired weekend-long trip. Documents and evidence need to be transported plus hotel fees, rental cars, basic amenities, and everything else involved with travel can make conducting your deposition exhausting. Fortunately, more and more courts are allowing video conference depositions to take place.

Though these video depositions are becoming more and more prevalent, some lawyers still refuse them. They may say they need to observe all reactions and cues from the witness or that they don’t want the witness studying documents ahead of time. Most commonly, many lawyers are wary of the equipment breaking down.

Despite the low chance of technological malfunctions, video conference depositions can save days’ worth of time and thousands of dollars for either party involved, including the lawyer. It also opens the opportunity to collaborate with other lawyers when needed to review all of the information and evidence provided in a case. With a recorded deposition, lawyers can take their time skimming through every little detail and examining every subtle body movement the witness in question may make.

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