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Do You Need a Court Reporter During a Video Deposition?

Even with the advent of video recording, court reporters still play a vital role in the justice system. They make meticulous records of many parts of the legal process, including a deposition when attorneys require their services. If you’re recording remote video depositions through video conferencing technology, it’s still worthwhile to hire a court reporter to participate.

In the Midst of the Deposition

The convenience of remote video depositions allows you to interview clients and witnesses who are states away. While the video is recording everything the person says, you can’t pause and rewind the video in the midst of the deposition if you were unsure of what someone said or you want to go back and compare statements. That’s where a court reporter’s record comes in handy.

Proof of Inconsistency

Oftentimes you can catch a witness in a contradiction thanks to a court reporter’s record. While the video is still recording, ask the reporter to read back an earlier statement then pose your question. The video will record the person’s reaction to potentially being cause in a lie. This kind of play might prove integral to your case or even prevent a case from going to trial if a plea or settlement can be reached.

More Official

A court reporter on site with you makes the video deposition feel more official. When holding a deposition via video, a witness could feel like it’s a less important occasion than it actually is, especially a reluctant witness. Having an entire legal team on hand, including a court reporter will convey that the proceedings need to be taken more seriously.

Bartelt Reporting offers both video deposition technology and court reporting services. Rely on us for both of the services which, combined, will provide the ultimate record of your deposition and help you win the case for your client.