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Benefits of Having a Written Transcript at Trial

For every trial, deposition, or other court proceedings, it is necessary for a court reporter to be present. The work that they do is essential to making sure that everything runs smoothly. The transcript that they produce at the conclusion of the proceedings resolves disputes, keeps everything organized, and can help fill in the gaps in the memory of those involved.

Resolves Disputes

Occasionally during a trial there will be a dispute about what was said by whom at what time. The court reporter keeps careful record of all of these details so that they can be referenced later. If any argument arises, they simply need to look back at the transcript.

Keeps it Organized

The court reporter’s transcript keeps all of the information divulged in the trial organized. It is a verbatim record of every single thing that is said at trial, so any details that need to be referenced can easily be found by following the timeline of the trial.

Fills in the Gaps

Trials and other court proceedings are often lengthy ordeals, and it can be hard for jurors, judges, and attorneys to keep every detail straight in their minds. The transcript provides material to fill in the gaps in their memories so that a more accurate judgment can be made for every case.

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