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Legal Arbitrations

After representing a number of clients in what are often contentious divorce cases, an amicable divorce case can be a breath of fresh air. Considering how agreeable both parties are being, you might try to save your firm and your client some money by forgoing services you wouldn’t otherwise consider skipping. However, when it comes to court reporting, you should have a transcriptionist present regardless of how well the case seems to be going.

It May Not Stay Amicable

When securing services in court reporting, Tucson, AZ area firms know they’re really guaranteeing an indisputable record of the events. Every meeting and deposition between the parties – even before they go before a judge – should be recorded. Circumstances can change at any moment and the other party might insist they said something different than they did in an earlier meeting. Without the report, you have no evidence to argue otherwise.

It Can Make Parties More Agreeable

Knowing there is a record of even casual meetings when lawyers are present can make parties more agreeable all the way through the case. They know they can’t change their minds unless they admit to it and offer a compromise, which can help agreements run more smoothly from the start.

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