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Avoid These Mistakes by Using the Best Video Conference Service in Phoenix, AZ

Video conferences are a fantastic tool that can make everything exponentially easier for parties involved in a deposition process. However, making just one or two of the following mistakes can derail your deposition completely. After you’ve sought out our video conference service in Phoenix, AZ, read the following most common video conferencing mistakes and learn how to avoid them for a smooth sailing deposition.

Mistake #1: Forgetting to specify a time zone for the conference

Video conferences often involve people from multiple time zones. There’s nothing quiet as embarrassing as missing a window of opportunity because no one was sure which time zone the conference was scheduled in. When utilizing our video conference service in Phoenix, AZ, be certain that the time and time zone has been clearly communicated to all who will be participating in the deposition.

Mistake #2: Not getting exhibits where they need to be

If there are exhibits you wish to show the witness, you’ll need to make sure those exhibits are shipped to the deposition site in a timely manner. Wait too long and the exhibits might not be available, which can mess up your previously planning meeting.

Mistake #3: Not having the right personnel on hand

In the case of a deposition, not only will the equipment need to be set up, but you will also need a videographer to record the conference, a court reporter to get a legal written transcript for video-synching, and a notary to swear everyone in. Bartelt Reporting’s video conference service in Phoenix, AZ provides all of the personnel needed for your deposition.

Mistake #4: Neglecting to test equipment the day before

There’s nothing worse than showing up a few minutes before the conference is supposed to start only to realize the equipment isn’t working. Not only will you have to reschedule the deposition, but not being prepared can look very unprofessional. Make sure the equipment is in good working order the day before the conference.

Mistake #5: Not hiring a qualified professional

The best way to ensure the conference goes off without a hitch is to hire a professional video conference service in Phoenix, AZ. They will have the experience and know how necessary for a successful video conference and deposition.

By avoiding these mistakes, your conference is much more likely to be a success. If you’re in need of video conference service in Phoenix, AZ, don’t hesitate to call Bartelt Reporting, LLC today at 888-809-0103.