The Video Conferencing Advantage

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When you’re in need of video conference service in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding area, Bartelt|Nix Reporting, LLC has you covered. Video teleconferencing can be beneficial for numerous reasons, especially from a legal standpoint. It allows individuals to not only record a deposition but also view and share exhibits remotely. With video conference service in Phoenix, AZ you’ll never have to worry about missing an important legal appointment or being unable to provide the proper information in a timely manner.

By utilizing our video teleconference services, there is no need to spend additional time and money traveling to present evidence or meet with legal officials. We offer state of the art audio and visual equipment so you can move forward with your case remotely and on your own time. Though nothing beats a face-to-face meeting, video teleconferencing still allows you to see and hear the people you’re talking to. Unlike a telephone call, this allows you to see and read their body language which can be crucial in a legal case.

Though there’s always the “what-if” scenario of equipment malfunctioning and a whole slew of other technical difficulties, Bartelt|Nix Reporting, LLC uses top of the line equipment and speedy connections. We understand how important these meetings are to you and your family and we make absolutely sure that your chances of electronic failure during these important meetings are slim to none.

For more information about all of our court reporting and video teleconferencing services, call us today at 888-809-0103.

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