The Ethics of Court Reporters

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The role of a court reporter is to accurately and unbiasedly transcribe and record a legal deposition, hearing, or trial proceeding. Though it may seem like all you have to do is write down what each party says, there are a lot of ethics that all Arizona court reporters must have. The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) has a Code of Ethics that must be strictly followed by all Arizona court reporters to not only keep them professional, but to be sure the neutral party remains neutral.

Court reporters must be fair and impartial towards each participant in the room and must provide exceptional services to both parties. It is expected that each party gets the same services within the same time frame. Confidentiality and the security of information are also extremely important on the court reporter’s part. None of the information learned from either side should leave the conference room in which the meeting it taking place.

Every court reporting firm should be HIPAA compliant, which means what happens in the deposition room stays in the deposition room. Under these privacy rules, personal information such as social security numbers is protected by law. If a court reporter decides to reveal this information to anyone outside of the case or courtroom, this could put the entire firm at risk.

Court reporting involves a lot of written and unwritten ethics, all of which must be followed in order to maintain a successful and honest business. If you’re in need of court reporting or video deposition services, contact Bartelt Reporting, LLC today at 888-809-0103.

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