The Benefits of Remote Video Depositions

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Remote video depositions play an important role in nearly every trial. Video depositions are interviews that take place in the attorney’s office before the trial begins, and are beneficial for a number of reasons.

Helps Attorneys Prepare for Trial

The last thing an attorney wants is to be surprised during a trial, especially in the case of witness testimony. When an attorney asks a question at trial, they already know the answer, so if a witness syas something they do not expect, it could derail their questioning and ultimately compromise their case. The deposition is designed so that attorneys can learn what a witness knows, and what they will say at trial so that they can adequately prepare their questions and arguments. This is especially useful if the witness has any information that may harm their case.

Provides Proof of Inconsistencies

Sometimes a witness will change their story between the deposition and the trial. If a deposition was done, the attorney has evidence that the witness testimony is inconsistent, allowing them to impeach the witness.

Ensures All Testimony is Heard

In some cases, a witness may not be able to attend the trial in person. In this case, their video deposition will be shown in court so that their testimony can still be heard in their absence.

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