Why Choose our Specialized Service for Your Video Conferencing

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When it comes to video conferencing, you might think due to the variety of online services that are free you don’t need to look into a law firm that offers all of the necessary equipment for your video depositions. However, these free services are not meant for confidential information being passed back and forth. That’s why it’s necessary to invest in a specialized and modern law firm instead of relying on the freebies found online, which are frowned upon by most firms in the first place.


When looking for video conferencing, Tucson, AZ area law firms offering these services put security first and foremost. Free apps don’t provide the level of security needed for a remote deposition or video conference. At Bartelt Reporting, our video feeds go out over secure lines and any recordings of the meeting you find necessary are digitally stored with the utmost in protection.


Free apps and 3rd party recording services can’t always guarantee 24/7 service without interruptions. Our specialized video conferencing services offer more reliable technology that you know won’t stop working in the middle of an important meeting or deposition. When it comes to law, the details matter, and you need to be able to count on the technology to allow you to share all of the details necessary.


We provide top quality video conferencing equipment to ensure a clearer picture and more stable connection during the conference. When recording these meetings for deposition purposes, you need the highest quality video to convey everything from the witness’s words to their demeanor when they speak.

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