Tips for Choosing a Legal Videographer

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If you are in need of a legal videographer in Tucson, AZ, you may be wondering where to start or what qualifications to look for. The following tips will help you choose the professional who’s right for you.

Look for experience. Your deposition is extremely important, so you need to make you look for a videographer with experience and an established track record.

Ask about equipment. Check to see that your videographer is using the most up-to-date, high definition video equipment. That equipment should not only include the video recording equipment, but also the means to video-synch your deposition.

Look for comprehensive services. Not only should your videographer offer video-synching services, there should also be a court reporter available. Having all the services you need under one roof makes it much easier – and more affordable – to get your video deposition done right the first time.

Consider certifications. Certifications are available for legal videographers but keep in mind that many of these are only worth the paper they’re printed on. If your prospective company has a great track record and satisfied clients, certifications are not necessary.

Talk to your prospects. There’s nothing like picking up the phone and speaking with someone at the company or taking the time to visit their office. You can learn a lot from a quick visit, such as how clients are treated, what the offices and facilities are like, and the professionalism of the staff.

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