How Relying on Video Depositions Can Save Time

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Juggling everything you have to do to prep for a court case between other responsibilities in your life means you have to make the most of every moment and you’re always rushing to get things done. When it comes to arranging depositions, relying on video conference depositions is the secret to saving yourself some time on legal proceedings.

No Travel Arrangements

Holding a video conference deposition means you won’t have to travel to meet in-person if that person lives out of the area or if you simply don’t have the time/finances to travel to meet them. That means less spent on travel expenses, including airfare and lodging. When you work with Bartelt Reporting, our experts are the ones to set up the conference. You simply request the service and show up at the arranged time.

Fewer Obstacles in the way of getting it done

Even if a witness is local, a video conference deposition can make a witness more cooperative and likely to offer a statement. People are busy and an already reluctant witness will use any excuse not to testify. You won’t have to waste the time getting a subpoena or trying to convince the person if you offer to make it a video conference deposition at the witness’ convenience.

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