Keep In Touch with your Legal Team Through a Video Conference in Scottsdale, AZ

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Despite practicing law in a specific or limited area, many lawyers have quite a bit of traveling to do to visit witnesses, clients, and to perform other tasks necessary to win cases and settlements. It can be difficult to keep your office organized with one or more attorneys and legal assistants on the road at any given time. Luckily, the right services for a video conference in Scottsdale, AZ will make it seem like there’s no distance at all between everyone in your office.

Video Conferencing

When it comes to having a meeting via video conference, Scottsdale, AZ area lawyers frequently rely on Bartelt Reporting, LLC. You’ll be able to conduct daily briefings no matter how far apart your team is and even when some of your legal staff is preparing for a trial at court. Share last-minute changes to cases or update senior partners about unexpected circumstances that could change the direction of your case. Our services at Bartelt Reporting provide a secure, reliable video and audio connection.

Communicate with your Court Reporters

You may need to present important information to your court reporters, or the other way around, before an important testimonial or deposition. By going through Bartelt Reporting to conduct a video conference from Scottsdale, AZ to your team members, you can ensure all important is communicated prior to when it’s needed the most. It’s also important to have a court reporter in the room during a video conference or deposition with a client or witness so that they can transcribe all important information to reference at a later date or in the event of a technological hiccup.

Keep in Touch with your Office Manager

An office manager is in charge of making sure everyone in your firm has all of the information and support they need to complete their daily tasks. With a video conference, Scottsdale AZ legal teams can communicate with the rest of their firm’s staff to ensure all appropriate details and information are received in a timely manner. They can also be the contact person for organizing video conferences with clients as well as hiring the court reporters to assist with depositions and hearings. With Bartelt Reporting’s assistance, your office manager will keep everyone on task.

Ask a Bartelt Reporting representative about all of the services we offer to make managing your law office and handling your depositions easier. Video depositions are especially popular with law firms because witnesses can’t or won’t always arrive in person for an interview. Contact us for more information on scheduling a video conference in the Scottsdale, AZ area today at 888-809-0103.

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