5 Tips for Remote Depositions Using Zoom

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Remote depositions were already becoming more common before COVID-19 struck, and they have become very commonplace now. The courts have recognized that technology now exists to make it easier to allow people to give a disposition remotely from wherever they happen to be. This saves that person from the travel they would have had to endure to give their deposition, and it makes it easier to gather all the facts and information about a particular case. Thus, we want to provide a few quick tips for remote depositions via Zoom.

Understand the Technology

Do not try to stroll into the deposition without properly considering the technology in play beforehand. You don’t want to assume that you know how Zoom works and don’t have anything to worry about. You should be completely comfortable with everything related to Zoom and what you need to do to get through the deposition without any problems. You should know the basics, such as how to screenshare depositions in Zoom. 

Witnesses Need the Proper Equipment

Make sure your witnesses have the equipment that they need to give their deposition via Zoom. This could be something like a headset to hear what is going on better, or it could be something as simple as the right notes to provide the most important information for the deposition. Whatever the case may be, they need those materials to give the court everything that it needs to hear. 

Have Exhibits Ready To Go Ahead of Time

There are a lot of exhibits presented in most depositions, and they ought to be prepared and ready to go ahead of time. Do not take a chance on throwing these together last-minute. Your client deserves better than that, and the court will want to see the exhibits you have ready to present. Make sure those are prepared ahead of time so that you can show them to the court when the time comes. 

Give Notice of a Virtual Deposition

You need to provide adequate notice that a virtual deposition is about to take place. You must inform all sides that this is what will happen, and you must let them know when it will happen. This gives them proper heads-up on how this virtual deposition is going to work, and you can set the stage to host the meeting. 

Make a Recording of Everything That Happens

It is necessary to let everyone know that you would like to record your meeting, so you have a record of it saved on your computer. You should always do this so you can go back to the recording and see what took place. People often have fragile memories about what has happened at a given time, but that is exactly why you keep a recording of events so you are always positive you have the right information.

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