5 Handy Tips for Scheduling Remote Depositions

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The deposition scheduling process can have different moving pieces, from the witness’s and counsel’s schedules all the way through to arranging a videographer, a court reporter, or even an interpreter. After that, you need to search for an appropriate location, schedule remote deposition tips, arrange for exhibits, set up some of the special services, and later plan for the needed technology that is required to ensure that the deposition runs smoothly. Before scheduling any deposition, you need to understand the tips for scheduling a deposition so that it can run smoothly.

Video and Transcript Delivery

The transcript times change amongst most of the court reporting agencies. If you already know that you will require a transcript, it is necessary to inform the agency or court reporter as early as possible. By doing so, you give the production team and reporter flexibility to adjust accordingly to the schedule and make sure that the transcript is submitted to you on time.

Proper Equipment

The court reporting firm that you choose to use should offer you loaner pieces like projection units, document cameras, and iPads, if you request them in advance. If you are planning to schedule a remote depo, there is necessary equipment that you need to handle first. Test things like the internet connectivity. For video, you need good lighting; get rid of any distracting backgrounds, and test other equipment like microphones or headphones.

Inquire for Real-Time Translation

If you want to get a real-time feed during the deposition, it is best to offer the request first to the court reporting agency during the time of scheduling so a qualified reporter can be assigned in advance. The reporter will be fully prepared to communicate in real-time and broadcast it to a remote location.

Determine the Proper Venue

One thing that is vitally important is determining the right location. Remote depositions have increased, and the firms have come up with tips for scheduling depositions that have proven to be successful. It is very important to select the facility’s technology services like fax machines, wireless, hardline internet connections, or scanners. Ensure that you also ask about additional charges for A/C control and heating.

Attend Depositions Remotely

Scheduling remote deposition tips is very important for getting the best services. But traveling to depositions is deemed unsafe or inconvenient at times due to external forces like a worldwide pandemic. Technology has advanced, permitting remote attendance through mobile videoconferencing or traditional videoconferencing.

Final Thoughts

There are different available services when choosing the best deposition. Do your research well to get to know them well. Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC has an experienced team to help you schedule depositions. You can visit us at 3101 N. Central Avenue Suite 290 Phoenix, AZ 85012. Reach out to Jeff Bartelt through our business number (602) 254-4111 or toll-free at (888) 809-0103.

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