Creating Professional Court Reporting Presentations

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Court reporting is a vital job that is incredibly important in maintaining the course of justice. That being said, there are tons of things expected of a court reporter. PowerPoint is one item that many court reporters are required to help put together to help the trial and to help present information and facts.

Tips for Professional Court Reporting Presentations

There are some things that you can do to help ensure that your report is professional and that the presentation will relay what you want it to. It should also be accurate and easy to follow. The first thing to keep in mind is that you want to keep text to the point and minimal.

Less text is easier to follow and easier to read at a glance. It will also look more professional if the text is not crowding the slide. You also want to ensure that all photos are sized and placed correctly on slides. You want them to be large enough to see easily and centered on the slide. The same goes for audio and video clips that you might be adding.

Highlighting is a great way to point out specific information that is important to your case. It is also a great way to help illustrate a point without doing too much work. You should rehearse the slides and see how they look and sound to ensure that they will work for your purpose. If you are having trouble, it may be necessary to get assistance to get your presentation done.

How To Make a Good Court Report

When it comes to reporting in a court setting, it is always important that you know what needs to be done and that you are ready to move forward. Reporters need to speak up if they are unsure about what was said. It is the job of the reporter to report what is said and to do so accurately.

When creating your report, it needs to be accurate, to the point, and succinct so that the people looking at the report after the fact can see just what you were trying to relate. You also need to make sure that you are keeping the reporting simple. Overcomplicating it can make it hard to read and hard to understand. Worse, it can make it easy for your audience to lose interest.

You should also keep in mind that a simple presentation is often easiest, and it allows your audience to see the information you are trying to share in a simple and easy to read format. When all else fails, it is never a bad idea to ask for help and to get some assistance in creating your report.  

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