How a Court Reporter Can Help Win a Case

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There is no way lawyers will remember everything that has been said in court. While they may be able to follow the gist of the proceeding, the gist is just not enough to win a case. Sharp attorneys realize just how valuable court reporters can be. Even though at one time, the court would provide a professional to document the court proceedings, factors like changing priorities and budget cuts have left a lot of attorneys on their own. As an attorney, you can help your case by hiring a court reporter.

What Does a Court Reporter Do?

To understand how a court reporter helps you win a case, you need to know what this professional can do. Court reporters record every word said, whether it is in depositions or trial proceedings. Modern technology has made it easy for them to record everything, including witness questioning. In addition, they have a code of ethics that prevents them from being biased or favoring one side. And considering that witness statements often vary, having a transcript of what each person said can help the lawyer understand what really happened.

Skilled court reporters have undergone training on how to record legal proceedings, and this ensures they do their jobs well. Multilingual court reporters come with an added advantage in that they can translate proceedings from one language to the other.

How Can a Court Reporter Help My Case?

Can a court reporter help me with my case? Yes. Here is how

Before trial, witnesses have to be deposed. This is out-of-court questioning or testimony. It also happens when lawyers representing both sides are present. Even though a deposition happens outside court, witnesses are still under oath and have to tell the truth. Depositions are valuable as they help both sides get the information needed to develop a strategy for the trial.

To ensure that the deposition will be effective and helpful to the trial, attorneys must present witnesses with the testimony they provided beforehand. But without proof of the initial testimony, this can be almost impossible. Court reports are more effective than an almost inaudible audio recording. Plus, an attorney cannot solely rely on recordings alone as they are expensive and time-consuming. After all, at the end of the day, they will still have to provide a written transcript of the recordings for court briefs.

To ensure that attorneys get the correct information, they will need to work with court reporters. Besides deposition, most court trials often involve multiple sessions. With transcriptions of previous proceedings, attorneys can get a clear picture of how the trial is going. This allows them to restrategize in a way that will help their clients if need be.

Technology has also allowed court reporters to do their jobs remotely. In a situation where the deposition is taking place in a remote location, you can still get the services of a court reporter without being at the same place.

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