5 Benefits of Remote Depositions in a Post-Pandemic World

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Are you wondering how remote depositions have benefited since the pandemic? If depositions are a part of your legal practice, you may have already become familiar with remote depositions. Remote depositions became the only viable solution as the entire world went into lockdown. They allowed litigation matters to proceed. Read on to find out some of the benefits of remote depositions.

Benefits of Remote Depositions

There are several benefits of remote depositions. They offer many advantages over in-person depositions, from better productivity to cost savings.


In terms of costs, the savings that you will see when your firm participates in remote depositions are significant. They eliminate costly travel, whether that is paying for plane tickets or catching taxis across town. It is helpful to do anything you can to keep the costs down since it will improve your client relationships and make you stand out from your competition. Remember, this is when clients are analyzing spending more than they ever have and pushing back on bills.


Remote depositions make it possible for attorneys to use their time more efficiently since work can be done in just one day. When depositions were in-person, it was typical for litigators to conduct them around the country or even spend hours commuting across cities and back to get to locations. Now, remote depositions can be taken care of from anywhere, which gives you all the time back that was lost and allows you to be more productive, take on more business, and serve your clients better.

Allows Everyone to be Nimbler

This is crucial in a world where everyone’s day-to-day realities continue to shift. Litigation will be able to move forward even if participants become ill or pandemic circumstances change once again. This is, of course, if everyone continues to do things the way they have successfully done them for the past year at least. Many depositions that are booked in person are canceled at the last minute because someone falls ill or has a concern around COVID-19. This leaves everyone scrambling to arrange an alternative, which is usually remote.

Improve Court Reporter Capacity

The court reporting industry is experiencing a shortage of reporters, which is not likely to correct itself anytime soon. Attorneys returning to work and expecting their depositions to take place in person may find it challenging to obtain court reporter coverage. Remote depositions improve the capacity of court reporters substantially. They are a great option when looking to offset that shortage and get the deposition coverage you need when you need it.

Better Quality of Life

Remote depositions equal a better quality of life. Since many attorneys have already made the adjustment to working from home, they have already gotten used to having a better work-life balance. Many people will not be willing to give that up in the future, and remote depositions make it more possible to maintain just that.

With all of the uncertainties of COVID-19, it is unrealistic to think that things will go back to normal completely anytime soon. Remote depositions are the new norm, and everyone should embrace the advantages they offer.

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