How the Judicial System Has Embraced Technology

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There have been a number of advancements in the way courts work, and we at Bartelt Nix Reporting LLC have seen many of them take place recently. In fact, we have been at the forefront of some of these advancements, and we continue to look at the ways that technology is improving the experience of having to go to court. 

Obtaining a Zoom Court Date

The courts found themselves at a crossroads as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. The wheels of justice could not simply stop, but there needed to be safety precautions taken to ensure everyone was safe and healthy. That is why so many had to learn "how do I do Zoom court?" 

People had their court online dates in many cases because they could not necessarily be seen in person in any safe way. Thus, many people had to get onto the Zoom program who may not have ever used it before. 

So Much Can Be Done Via Zoom

The court system learned that it could accomplish a great deal by using Zoom and similar tools to hold events that would otherwise have been postponed or perhaps never taken up at all. Thus, it is necessary to consider how much value technologies like Zoom have added to the legal system. There is little to no doubt that they have contributed a bit more to the system than anyone who built those systems could have imagined. 

Video Recordings Allow for More Accurate Record Keeping

The courts are all about having official records available whenever possible. This is why they really appreciate it when they can use video recordings of the proceedings to help make sure their records are kept fully accurate. Zoom makes it easier to do so because it allows for the entire proceeding to be recorded forever. 

Courts appreciate having the ability to review details that were spoken about in the courtroom at a later date. Technology has now made that easier to do than ever before, and a lot of people have found value in making sure they can use the video recordings of what was spoken in the courtroom to get all the facts down on paper. You never want to leave anything to chance as far as protecting your rights and your freedoms when facing something as serious and potentially life-changing as what goes on in a courtroom. 

The courtroom of today looks much different from what the courtroom of years past looked like. It is also true that today’s courtroom probably looks significantly different from what it will look like in the future. Technology continues to shape the way that the courtroom works, and that is all good news for the people who rely on this system to help them obtain the justice they need and deserve.


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