All You Need To Know About Legal Videographers

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Have you ever heard of the term "videographer" before? What is a legal videographer? It’s an important job and one where there is a growing need for them here in 2022. If you aren’t familiar with this profession, keep reading. 

What Is a Legal Videographer and How To Become One

It’s not as difficult as one might think. A legal videographer is somebody who operates a video camera during courtroom proceedings. If you’ve ever seen footage of a defendant or plaintiff giving their testimony in a court case, this was filmed by a legal videographer. 

A legal videographer not only films many aspects of a court case but is also involved with filming crime scenes. It is of the utmost importance to thoroughly document a crime scene for future review and reference. Videography requires a detailed, steady hand during filming and attention to detail when deciding what to film and how slowly to progress through a crime scene. 

For such an important job in the legal field, one might wonder how much education is needed to become a legal videographer. Does it require a four-year college degree? What type of specialized training or certification is required? Surprisingly, it can be less than you think. 

A two or four-year college degree is not generally a prerequisite to becoming a legal videographer. Though it never hurts to have more education than the person you are competing against for the job, it’s definitely not a requirement. Having years of videography experience is certainly helpful.

Courses and certifications are offered in over 200 locations across the United States. These are often required or recommended to get you started in the legal videographer business. A steady hand and attention to detail are essential characteristics for a videographer to have.

The equipment aspect of being a legal videographer is also important. You won’t be filming your courtroom experiences or crime scenes with your cell phone. Legal videographers must have higher quality video camera equipment, lighting tools, and editing software and experience using it. They are often required to do voice-over work for the footage they film, so being experienced with the correct video editing software is a must. 

There is a higher demand than ever for legal videographers. The current salary range in the field averages around $63,747, with a range between $52,580 and $79,444, according to With the ever-growing population in the United States and worldwide, it’s a needed and valued position in the legal field. Check into it further, and you may just find a wonderful, interesting, and enjoyable career for yourself.


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