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How Body Language Can Impact Your Deposition Performance

October 15, 2021 7:05 am Published by Leave your thoughts

As an attorney, you’ve probably already learned how body language impacts deposition performance. Maybe you’ve spent years taking Courtroom as Theatre classes or just plain public speaking courses. Either way, when your hands shake, your face gets red and your voice comes out as a squeak, you know that it can affect your performance. Not only do juries and witnesses perceive you differently, but you’re less confident. Body language can affect your deposition performance. Here’s how to improve your performance. Make good eye contact: One of the ways that we evaluate a person’s honesty is whether they can make eye... View Article

Important Reminders for Your Next Remote Deposition

October 1, 2021 7:05 am Published by Leave your thoughts

We’ve gotten used to remote depositions during the pandemic—but that doesn’t mean you should become complacent. When you’re getting ready to conduct your next remote deposition, consider these important reminders and tips. Not only will they help you to put your best foot forward, they’ll ensure that you’re as relaxed, calm and comfortable as possible. That translates well into your deposition performance! Here are our best reminders and tips for your next remote deposition. Check the local rules: Depending on where your remote deposition is taking place, you may have different local rules than you’re used to. Take the time... View Article

Three Reasons Why Videotaping a Deposition Is Necessary

September 13, 2021 11:11 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If you’re trying to save money on litigation, you might try to cut corners whenever possible. Recording depositions should not be one of those cuts. Videotaping depositions is necessary for a few very important reasons. In fact, some people argue that if a deposition isn’t important enough for you to videotape, then it’s probably not important enough for you to take in the first place. Thinking about skipping a video recording? Here are three reasons why videotaping depositions is so important. You—and the jury—will get a sense of tone Court reporters provide accurate and detailed written transcripts of proceedings. Unfortunately,... View Article

The Benefits of Remote Depositions

August 30, 2021 11:11 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly highlighted the benefits of remote depositions. Even with a serious pandemic raging, lawyers, witnesses, judges and court staff were able to keep the wheels of justice turning. As the pandemic winds down and more of the population gets vaccinated, we’ll largely see a return to in-person proceedings. However, remote depositions are here to stay—and that’s a good thing. Here are the main benefits of remote depositions, even when you’re not in lockdown. Future projections During the worst days of the pandemic, about 90 percent of depositions took place remotely. However, experts are predicting that they’ll... View Article

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Court Reporter

August 13, 2021 12:20 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Over the course of your legal career, you’ll need to hire a court reporter for various proceedings. Do you know which questions to ask to ensure you’re getting a great one? Since court reporters can have such a huge impact on your case—especially when it comes to preserving a written record for appeal—you need to hire a court reporter who is fast, accurate and reliable. Even if you have established relationships with a few great court reporters, they may not always be available. Here’s what to ask when you need to hire someone new: Licensing and certifications: The first thing... View Article