Email Etiquette Legal Experts Should Know

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Legal transcription in Phoenix, AZ is utilized in the courtroom during legal proceedings to transcribe everything from spoken word into printed text. All the transcribing in the courtroom is done by certified court reporters (also called stenographers). After legal transcription has been documented, an attorney may need to communicate some of the transcribed information to their client or to other legal officials. If you’re conducting legal business through email, then it’s important to remain mannerly and professional. Here are five email etiquette tips that every legal expert should know:

  • Subject lines are a must: We’ve all received a few emails that were missing their subject lines. In the past, emails without subjects may still have been opened, but today, with so much spam and fraud being transmitted via email, messages with blank subject lines are being send to junk folders automatically. It’s good etiquette for legal experts to put a subject line in their emails, especially since the reader’s time is valuable. A subject gives the recipient a preview of the content written in your email.
  • Always be concise: Time is often of the essence in the legal world. So when sending an email for work, it’s crucial that you avoid beating around the bush. You want to get to the point quickly, as being too wordy and saying too much wastes the recipient’s time. Being concise could mean revising your email a couple times until it gets your point across in the fewest number of words possible.
  • Proofread your email: We’ve established that legal business emails need to be short and concise, but they also need to employ good grammar and punctuation. Before sending emails, take the time to go back and check for spelling and punctuation mistakes, and don’t rely solely on spell-check programs. Additionally, scan your emails to make sure they are not difficult to understand.
  • Include your contact information: When writing emails for work, it’s in your best interest to keep to a professional format every single time by including your contact information, no matter the type of work email you need to send. Sure, you can type out your contact info at the end of each email, but you can also save your information as a signature that will automatically paste at the bottom of your email messages. That way you won’t forget to include it, while saving time in the process.
  • Respond as soon as you can: As a professional courtesy, respond quickly. Replying to emails does not take much time; it can be as simple as answering immediately or letting them know you received their response and you’ll get back as soon as possible. Most emails should be replied to on the same day or early the next morning.

There’s a whole host of legal terminology and jargon that the average person is not familiar with. For this reason, you should consider having a skilled court reporter on your side. Call on the services of Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC to ensure that your legal transcription in Phoenix, AZ is accurate and free of misspellings and misunderstandings!

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