Top Techniques for Legal Depositions in Phoenix, AZ

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Legal depositions in Phoenix, AZ are crucial components to court cases. They can prove extremely helpful… or take your case in a poor direction. This is why it is essential to use the best techniques possible during legal depositions. With the right practices, an attorney can unearth truth from witnesses and overcome any hurdles the opposing attorney puts in their path.

For your next legal deposition in Phoenix, AZ, use the following methods to help build a solid case.

Demonstrate Witness Competency

It’s often too easy for witnesses to fall back on an inability to recall information or a lack of understanding of a procedure. They can quickly dig into this hole, and the attorney is never able to recover. Any information that might have been obtained from the witness becomes lost in a void of evasive answers.

To get past this, start the examination with a line of questioning that establishes the witness’s competency. Get them to admit they have a good memory and attention for detail in other matters, such as their job. Once they’ve shared that they are good at remembering details and received an employee award, it’s harder to claim they are unable to answer other questions.

Watch the Clock

Did you know there is a “witching hour” for witnesses? If your deposition starts early in the morning, by 4 p.m. or so, witnesses will be exhausted. Their patience is nearly gone, and they simply want to go home. You might be surprised at what they will say at this point in the day. Save some of your best questioning for this time—it is likely to produce great results.

Bring a Camera

Take videos of all your legal depositions in Phoenix, AZ. This should be permissible as long as a court reporter is present. Simply hook up an affordable camera to your computer and record the entire process. This will prove helpful for use at trial, for receiving feedback and for later exhibits for motions. Even if you never use the footage, it’s a small investment of effort, just in case you need it.

Hold Your Tongue

Witnesses don’t like awkward silences. At times, if you simply let the silence play out, they will keep talking to fill the space. As they ramble, they may divulge helpful information you wouldn’t have gathered otherwise. Keep this in mind. Use stretches of silence between questions strategically to draw more information out of witnesses.

Make a List

Often, the response from a witness forces you to take your line of questioning in a direction you did not expect. When this happens, it is easy to miss some of the information you intended to gather. Always have a checklist of items you want to cover during legal depositions in Phoenix, AZ. You don’t have to go through them in order. Simply keep the list handy to ensure you get back to all the items on it by the end of the proceedings.

Use a Transcription Service

As you employ these techniques, don’t miss out on one of the most important aspects of legal depositions in Phoenix, AZ: transcriptions. You’ll want detailed documentation of all depositions. Partner with a quality legal transcription service in Phoenix, AZ to keep all your documentation in order. The experts at Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC are ready to assist you with all your deposition needs.

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