Real Time Reporting of Testimonies: The Importance of Having a Court Reporter in Phoenix, AZ

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Court proceedings are often lengthy and complex. Multiple testimonies and extended proceedings can make it difficult to keep all the information organized and accessible. That’s why court reporters in Phoenix, AZ are so important. They provide clear documentation of the courtroom proceedings for later reference. Real-time reporting makes this service even more beneficial.

How? Real-time reporting allows the court reporter to use technology to convert his or her stenographic notes to text. This gives the court and attorneys immediate access to the testimony given. The court reporter in Phoenix, AZ uses a cable between their computer and the attorney’s, a wireless connection on a local area network, or the internet to create this access. By using real-time reporting, court reporters offer the following advantages:

  • Remote attendance: Have you ever traveled long distances to attend a court proceeding? Is it difficult to manage the time it takes to make all required appearances? Real-time reporting allows attorneys and expert witnesses to attend the trial or deposition from a remote location, such as their office, home or hospital.
  • Focused attention: It is easy to miss important comments when trying to listen and take notes. With real-time reporting, there is no need to take notes. You can focus entirely on the statements being made and your responses.
  • Organized documentation: With real-time reporting, it’s easy to mark lines of testimony with the push of a button or a click. You can quickly search through testimonies, locating keywords or phrases. It’s also possible to mark various testimonies or portions of them as relevant to certain case-specific issues. Simply assign a number to all the comments associated with that issue. Additionally, you can add your own notes to refer back to later, if needed.
  • Verification: Real-time reporting makes it easy to clear up any conflicts. How often have parties involved remembered testimony differently than each other, or that what was actually said? Use real-time reporting to quickly verify what was said.
  • Delayed attendance: What if unforeseen circumstances cause you to miss part of the proceedings? This could be detrimental to your case, unless you have taken advantage of real-time reporting with a court reporter in Phoenix, AZ. With this technology in place, you can receive all of the text that was already documented and quickly catch up on the proceedings.
  • Hard of hearing participation: Real-time reporting is extremely helpful for the hard of hearing. Whether you suffer from hearing loss or someone else involved in the proceedings is hard of hearing, real-time reporting makes the process smoother and more accurate. It allows the deaf or hard of hearing to participate without an interpreter and ensure they are able to keep up with the proceedings.

Before your next court date, consult with Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC to take advantage of real-time reporting. Your highly trained court reporter in Phoenix, AZ will keep you up to speed and deliver all the advantages this technology provides. It’s simple to use and easy to get started. Contact our team today to enhance tomorrow’s proceedings.

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