Web-Based Deposition Services in Phoenix, AZ: The Importance of Video Conferencing

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Are you taking full advantage of all the technology available to attorneys today? If not, you are missing out on key benefits that could make every case smoother, more efficient and more successful. One of the most useful tools attorneys should be utilizing is web-based deposition services in Phoenix, AZ. Why? It offers unique advantages. Consider the following benefits and best practices to use video conferencing to enhance your practice.

Benefits of Web-Based Deposition Services in Phoenix, AZ

  • Remote access: Many cases involve individuals who are in locations far from your office or the courthouse. How can you depose them? Video conferencing makes it easy. You no longer have to travel to them, nor are they required to travel to you. Get testimony from anyone, anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently.
  • Savings: Not only does video conferencing make remote access available, it also provides significant savings. You save time by cutting out travel, which includes all the extra hours devoted to airport parking, security and baggage claims. The time you must allot to one short meeting could be cut from days to minutes. This also offers huge financial savings on plane tickets, hotels, meals and gasoline.

Making the Most of Web-Based Deposition Services in Phoenix, AZ

  • Prep exhibits: Will you be using exhibits during your video conference? Let your court reporter know about these in advance. They can use the technology to display your exhibits during the video conference so everyone can see them.
  • Watch your time zone: As you arrange video conferencing with individuals around the country or the globe, be sure to keep varying time zones in mind. Make it clear what time the web-based deposition will take place in each zone. A lack of communication about this can cause you to miss out on an expert witness testimony or cause costly delays in your proceedings due to rescheduling.
  • Set the stage: The background in your video matters. The technology makes it possible to conference from just about anywhere, but you should choose your location carefully. Don’t sit in front of a window. It can cause lighting issues and can be a distraction to viewers. If the wall behind you displays artwork of any kind, make sure it is not offensive to the parties involved. Put forth a professional, polished appearance with an appropriate setting in the background.
  • Remain professional: The stage isn’t the only thing that should make a good impression. Remember, you’re not attending in person, but everything you do and say can be seen and heard by those in attendance. Don’t do anything you would not do if the video conference were happening in person instead. Multitasking, chewing gum, yawning, eating or other unprofessional behaviors should be avoided when using web-based deposition services in Phoenix, AZ.

Make Your Next Conference Easier

Are you ready to take advantage of the benefits of web-based deposition services in Phoenix, AZ? For seamless meetings, convenient locales and significant savings, contact the video conferencing professionals at Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC. Reach out to us today!

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