Why It’s Important to Work with a Professional Transcription Service in Phoenix, AZ

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Many law firms and other major corporate firms rely on professional transcription services in Phoenix, AZ for their professionalism and accuracy.

If you’ve ever wondered why these services are so indispensable, consider the popular children’s game “telephone,” a game that’s often used in professional contexts as an icebreaker at retreats and training events. In the game, players will stand in a circle and pass a phrase from person to person, whispering it in the ear of the person next to them. The idea is to keep the phrase the same from beginning to end, but it almost always results in a phrase that does not have much of a resemblance to that of the original.

In the game, the results can be funny. But in a real-life scenario when accuracy is everything, especially in a court environment, it’s potentially very damaging. Individual words can mean a lot in a deposition or in court, and the more inaccuracies that exist in a transcription, the more likely it is that a witness’s words will be taken out of context or otherwise misunderstood, which makes it harder for the attorney to find conclusive results in the case. A single incorrect word could change a phrase uttered by a witness from being definitive to speculative.

Problems most frequently arise when it comes to transcribing industry-specific jargon, local vernacular and other colloquialisms that aren’t common knowledge to all people.

Professional transcription services exist to help

For these reasons, it is absolutely imperative that you seek the assistance of a professional transcription service any time you’ve recorded an interview, deposition or court hearing. It’s not enough to just have an intern or other random staff member handle the task—the phrase “you get what you pay for” very much applies to transcriptions.

You’ll often see, for example, people attempting to hire out freelance transcribers for very little money, hoping to save a few bucks in the process. But considering the importance of accuracy, wouldn’t you rather have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re working with a professional transcription service in Phoenix, AZ?

While it may cost you a bit of extra cash, you won’t have to worry about whether your recording is just “good enough” instead of “good.” These professional services have a wide variety of quality control processes in place to help guarantee the accuracy of all transcribing jobs they take on. After all, their ability to stay in business and maintain ongoing relationships with their clients depends on it. A penchant for mistakes, or even a single mistake, could jeopardize their business, so they have to be dead-on with their transcriptions.

Plus, you’ll also be able to find services that specialize in courtroom transcriptions, meaning they’ll understand legal jargon and other issues related to your practice area. This is a significant help in producing accurate transcriptions.

For more information about the various benefits associated with the use of a professional transcription service in Phoenix, AZ, contact the team at Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC today.

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