The Process of Creating an Official Transcript

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Regardless of the type of case or courtroom, it is imperative that your legal team has accurate transcripts in order to build a winning case. That means that you must find a reliable legal transcription service in Phoenix, AZ that is able to deliver detailed, precise documents in a timely manner. To produce this valuable documentation, though, there are quite a few steps that a court reporter must complete, and the following guide explains a little bit more about all that the official transcript process entails:

  • Editing: While a deposition is taking place, the court reporter documents the testimony with a stenotype machine. There may be times when some of the words or phrases in the courtroom don’t translate correctly from the court reporter’s shorthand, so the very first step in making the report serviceable is editing the transcript. The words that don’t translate cleanly are called “untranslates,” and the court reporter is responsible for making sure these words are converted into English, along with editing any missing punctuation or capitalization.
  • Index page: After the editing has been completed, the index page is created. This page will include any of the exhibits that were used during the deposition, with descriptions and page numbers for easy reference. A title page that provides an overview of the case will also be created, and will include information such as the names and addresses of all of the involved parties.
  • Ensuring accuracy: Once all of the relevant information has been added, the transcript will again be proofread to ensure complete accuracy. Any errors that might have been missed during the first round of edits, as well as any of the indexed items that may have been listed or matched with the corresponding pages incorrectly, can be fixed at this time, in preparation for the creation of the final document. After all of the final adjustments are made, the transcript will be ready for production so that it can be delivered to the legal firms working on the case.
  • Processing time: Because accuracy is of the utmost importance, the court reporting process is understandably extensive, and can at times take up to two times longer to complete than the actual deposition itself. In instances when expedited delivery is requested, court reporters often have to work late into the night in order to have the transcript completed by the next day.

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