The Top Four Traits of a Successful Court Reporter in Phoenix, AZ

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When preparing for court, legal teams on both sides require precise and accurate documentation from which they can begin to build the case for their clients. As a result, these entities must rely heavily on the skills of court reporters in Phoenix, AZ, as even a single detail being missed can change the complexion of the court proceedings. Read on to learn about the top four traits that every court reporter will need to achieve success in this field:

  • Discipline: Court reporting school in itself can be difficult, especially for those who may be taking night classes because they have to work or be at home with their families during the day. Once you have graduated and begin working, even more discipline will be needed to keep everything in order and complete transcripts on time. There will be a lot of parties counting on you to get everything right, so you must also be able to work with confidence in high-pressure situations.
  • In-depth grammar and spelling knowledge: A large part of a court reporter’s process involves editing, correcting and then editing some more. This means that you will have to be very meticulous about the use of proper grammar and have a keen eye for error. You will also need above-average spelling skills, which is why it is no surprise that many court reporters’ best subject in school was English!
  • Time management: It is also important for court reporters to be consistently punctual. Judges, attorneys and witnesses all have busy schedules, and if you are late to a deposition, not only will time be wasted, but it could affect your reputation among local law firms as well. Beyond the deposition itself, many additional hours will be dedicated to editing and producing the transcript in a timely fashion. Many court reporters will sometimes have to work extended hours to meet deadlines, and you will have to remain fully committed to efficient time management to succeed.
  • Excellent typing skills: There are many facets involved in becoming a good court reporter, but the most important is being able to type with both speed and accuracy. In fact, you will have to pass a speed test before you are able to graduate from court reporting school, making high-level typing skills a must.

Being responsible for the completion of a detailed transcript from start to finish is a large undertaking, and court reporters in Phoenix, AZ must have an advanced level of dedication and commitment. Here at Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC, we have worked tirelessly to put together our staff of hard-working, professional court reporters who possess these very traits so that we are able to provide legal teams with the accurate and high-quality documentation that they will need to achieve success in the courtroom. We are ready to put our 40-plus years of experience to work to help aid your cases as well. Give us a call today to learn more about the vast array of court reporting services we can offer you!

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