Essentials for Personal Injury Depositions in Phoenix, AZ

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Personal injury depositions in Phoenix, AZ are an integral part of legal proceedings. While depositions are simply an interview during which a person answers questions regarding the case at hand, this process provides information that is critical to the outcome of a case.

To get the best results from personal injury depositions in Phoenix, AZ, use the following tips. These steps will clarify testimony, improve documentation of the facts and help the legal proceedings go more smoothly.

Questions to Cover

For personal injury depositions in Phoenix, AZ, five specific topics should be covered:

  • Background info: Include the deponent’s age, employment details, family information and education.
  • Priors: Cover any accidents that occurred prior to the current claim.
  • Details: Get all the details of the current accident.
  • Injuries: Include information about any injuries that are being claimed in the suit and any medical treatment involved.
  • Impact: Review and explain how the deponent’s lifestyle has been affected due to the injuries.


Before a personal injury deposition in Phoenix, AZ, a witness should be properly prepared. Provide the following instructions to the deponent for the best deposition results:

  • Listen: It is essential to listen carefully to everything that is said and asked during the deposition.
  • Answer: Only provide answers to the questions being asked. Always provide truthful answers.
  • Avoid: Guesses and speculations should be avoided.
  • Pause: Before answering a question, pause for a few seconds. This allows counsel to object if necessary.


Advanced technology is at your disposal, so take advantage of it when conducting a personal injury deposition in Phoenix, AZ. Use video to record your deposition. This method offers several benefits:

  • Consistency: If a witness changes their testimony at the trial, the video deposition has record of their original claims. Seeing a witness speak contradicting facts can have more impact than a written record.
  • Availability: If the witness becomes unavailable during the trial, the video can be used to provide their testimony.
  • Convenience: A recorded personal injury deposition in Phoenix, AZ is available for legal staff to review at their convenience. Additionally, if it is difficult for legal staff and plaintiffs to arrange face-to-face meetings, a video meeting and recording may provide the convenient solution needed.
  • Impact: Watching a video is more captivating to a jury’s attention than written or audio testimonies.


Of course, not everyone is equipped to record personal injury depositions in Phoenix, AZ. To ensure the video is of high quality and is permissible in court, it’s best to rely on professional services for this task. Partner with a reporting team that has experience with video depositions and can provide quality results.

Get the Essentials

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