Top Tips for Video Conferencing in Phoenix, AZ

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Modern technology can enhance our communications and make things possible that we never dreamed of in the past. If not used properly, it can also prove frustrating and result in poor communication.

This is especially true when it comes to video conferencing in Phoenix, AZ. Used well, this option can make meetings and legal proceedings simpler and more convenient. Clients or coworkers from around the world can come together to meet, plan and guide their efforts. However, getting positive results from video conferencing in Phoenix, AZ requires good use of the equipment. Use the following tips to make your future video conferencing a success:

  • Camera settings: Use the presets on the camera to make sure the video is adjusted optimally for your conference. For framing, fill the screen as much as possible with people, rather than furniture or fixtures.
  • Openings: Be aware of any openings in the room and limit how these may detract from the meeting. Close windows to prevent glare and shut doors to avoid interruptions and limit background noise.
  • Normal tone: Don’t shout in an effort to be heard. Speak in a normal voice. If you are using the technology properly, others will hear you without difficulty. Try to use normal gestures as well, and keep body movements to a minimum to prevent distractions.
  • Formal: Dress appropriately for the video conference. Avoid bright colors and busy patterns. Choose muted colors, since these appear best onscreen. Keep your background in mind, too, so you don’t blend into the wall behind you.
  • Early: Always arrive early to the conference. Give yourself extra time in case you have any issues connecting to the meeting. If you are using new equipment or programs, test these long before the meeting is scheduled to begin.
  • Rest: A brief pause between comments can be helpful. Often, the audio has a slight delay, so this will allow conference participants to catch up and respond.
  • Extras: Add extra equipment to enhance your conference. Utilize data sharing software or videos to provide visuals that will help communicate ideas.
  • Noise: Mute the microphone if you need to move it during the meeting, to avoid making noise with the movement. Be sure to silence cell phones and land lines in the room as well.
  • Check: Complete a sound check at the start of the conference. Ask everyone if they can hear you, and ask them to introduce themselves to verify that you can hear them.
  • Etiquette: As with any type of meeting, use proper speaking etiquette. Don’t talk over others. This includes side conversations.

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