Video vs. Web Conferencing Depositions in Phoenix, AZ

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Technology has transformed our capabilities and added conveniences we couldn’t have dreamed of decades ago. When it comes to depositions in Phoenix, AZ, this is particularly true. Attorneys can now take advantage of video and web conferencing to take depositions with ease and confidence.

But which is better: video or web conferencing depositions in Phoenix, AZ? That depends. Both have benefits. Use the following overview of each system to determine which might be better for your legal needs.

Web Conferencing: Definition

When a law office uses web conferencing for depositions in Phoenix, AZ, the witness and attorney can be located in different places (across the globe, if needed). The court reporter will be with the witness, while the attorney conducts the deposition remotely.

To conduct this deposition, the attorney can use a computer or mobile device to stream the interview online. The attorney can ask questions to complete the deposition in Phoenix, AZ as if he or she were with the witness in person.

Video Conferencing: Definition

Video conferencing is similar to web conferencing in that the parties can be in two different locations. However, video conferencing requires more specialized equipment. A screen, cameras, microphones and speakers are hard-wired in the interview room, where the witness is recorded.

Web Conferencing: Pros and Cons

This option gives attorneys the greatest flexibility. They can conduct a deposition from virtually anywhere, using a computer, laptop or even a mobile device. The software is typically easy to use, so attorneys may find it simpler to use web conferencing than the equipment involved with video conference depositions in Phoenix, AZ.

Web conferencing is also a low-cost, convenient solution that is ideal for attorneys on the go or small firms that don’t have space or budget for a dedicated video conferencing room.

On the downside, web conferencing can be less reliable than video conferencing. The quality of the video and audio equipment may not be top-grade. For example, some webcams may provide low-quality images.

Video Conferencing: Pros and Cons

One of the greatest benefits of video conferencing is quality. With dedicated equipment, the attorney can rest assured that the deposition in Phoenix, AZ results in high-quality video and audio. There is less risk of diminished quality, as might be experienced when relying on a web browser or mobile device.

However, this advantage has a cost. Probably the greatest disadvantage to video conferencing is the investment required. Dedicated equipment isn’t cheap. This is by far the more expensive option of the two forms of remote depositions in Phoenix, AZ.

Enjoy Convenience and Quality

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