Why Should I Consider Recording My Arbitration?

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Not all legal proceedings require court reporters—but maybe they should. Court reporters are highly trained professionals who are sworn to provide a true, accurate and precise record of proceedings, including arbitrations. Arbitrations don’t require court reporters, and one will not be appointed to your case, but the smart lawyer will make sure they have a court reporter available.

Why? Human memory is faulty, and notes taken during the proceedings are no substitute for a verbatim written record of everything that was said. In addition to making sure there’s clarity during the actual proceedings, it can help in case the parties are resentful about the outcome. Just like jury trials, the end of the case doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the case. Even though lawyers and mediators create a binding legal ruling, arbitration can be appealed. If there’s an appeal, you’ll want a written record, lest you wind up fighting in court anyway. That defeats the purpose of arbitration entirely. If you’re looking for assistance with arbitration recording in Phoenix, AZ, contact the professionals at Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC.

Here are the top reasons arbitration recording is a wise decision for any case:

  • Review the transcript during the proceedings: There is almost always an incredible amount of information presented at an arbitration, especially if it’s a technical case. Lawyers and mediators aren’t experts in the subject matter, but rather in applying facts to the law. Having a written record helps ensure that the lawyers can refer back to previous statements and ensure they haven’t been mischaracterized, misremembered or altered.
  • Review the exact terms of the agreements made: Again, when a decision is rendered, the opposing party might not be happy with the outcome, and may attempt to change the details or mischaracterize the agreements. Save time and arguments by having a court reporter creating an exact record, so that you’re never left in a “he said, she said” situation.
  • File an appeal: Appeals to arbitration are rare, but if you do file one, you must prove either that your rights were violated, or that such egregious conduct occurred that the arbitration cannot be upheld. In that case, it is critical there’s a written record of the precise words spoken. In some cases, not having a court reporter’s transcript can result in your motion’s dismissal.

Sometimes, to ensure the best results for your clients, you have to go above and beyond the minimum of what’s required.

Get Help with Arbitration Recording in Phoenix, AZ

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