Using Zoom for Remote Depositions

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Zoom has become a vital business tool in the current COVID-19 atmosphere, and the legal community has been no exception. Remote deposition services are in high demand in Phoenix, AZ and beyond because, while the wheels of justice roll slowly, they never completely stop—even during a pandemic. If your firm decides Zoom is a viable option for depositions, Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC can help. Here are six tips for running a deposition via Zoom:

  • Take a webinar: Zoom is an instinctive platform, but it does have its quirks. A Zoom 101 webinar will prove helpful if this is your first time using it. Zoom runs these webinars multiple times a day, and they cover scheduling, hosting, joining meetings and other basics. This will eliminate many of the avoidable frustrations.
  • Check internet speed: ISPs face greater bandwidth demand as more people work from home or merely stay home with their streaming services. This can affect the quality of your deposition. Rather than face frustration that results in a two-hour delay—or worse, the deposition being put off indefinitely—check your internet speed to ensure it is adequate. You may need to reschedule your deposition for a time with reduced bandwidth demand or look into upgrading your modem.
  • Use a hardwire connection: Wi-fi is easier to interrupt and offers inconsistent speed, especially if you have three other household members logging into it to play games or watch video for hours. Use a wired connection to access the internet when you have a Zoom conference. You will face less buffering and enjoy better sound quality than if you rely on wi-fi.
  • Do not forget the test call: This is not a superfluous step—it will help determine whether your resources are adequate and also give you an idea of what to expect. Most test calls proceed without incident, and you come out of it knowing if there are any delays or if a buffering moment may slow down the deposition. This is especially vital if you are linking several parties from different locations.
  • Use a headset: Your computer may have a microphone and speaker, but they will not offer the same sound quality as a headset. Being clear in a deposition is essential, and that is more likely to occur if every participant can hear you. It also saves time, as the deponent is less likely to ask you to repeat yourself or explain your questions. If audio quality is an issue, use your telephone for the Zoom deposition. Dialing into Zoom via a telephone number offers the best audio.
  • Speak slowly: Videoconferencing demands you speak more slowly than usual. This allows for better audio quality, and if the connection needs to buffer, the people listening to you will miss fewer words. Court reporters can record the testimony better, too. Zoom will never offer the audio quality of an in-person deposition, but with a little help, it can be comparable.

Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC offers resources for web-based depositions, even through Zoom. If you need more information regarding remote deposition services in Phoenix, AZ, please call us today. For your convenience, we maintain multiple locations in midtown Phoenix, north Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson.

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