Will AI Be the Future in Court Reporting?

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Court reporting technology continues to reshape the legal landscape. Specifically, AI court reporting in Phoenix, AZ has become an important technology that could drastically change the future of court reporting. This legal artificial intelligence could help the industry overcome several challenges it is currently facing, but some wonder if this is the best direction for court reporting to take. Here’s the scoop.

Court reporter shortage

One of the main reasons the courts are turning to AI solutions is the shortage of human court reporters. Based on the average age of today’s stenographers, it is estimate that more than two thirds of this workforce will retire over the next decade. Yet, a new generation is not rising up to fill these vacancies.

A significant factor in this lack of candidates is the difficulty of the certification program. Learning stenotype is similar to learning a new language, and the skill must be mastered to a degree of 96 percent accuracy. As a result, some certification programs only see 4 percent of their enrollees graduate.

Due to the low graduation rates and lack of interest, many court reporting schools have closed or will in the near future. They have lost funding, accreditation or enrollment numbers required to keep their doors open, which only adds to the shrinking of this field.

AI solutions

Into this waning field steps AI court reporting. This technology offers two significant advantages to the industry.

First is cost. AI court reporting in Phoenix, AZ does not require the training of a reporter, thus reducing the amount of time and manual labor involved. The technology can allow courts to divert resources to other areas.

Second is efficiency. Courts are known for slow-moving processes and long delays. The hope is that AI technology can help speed up many processes. AI can create transcripts in real time. It can also use voice biometrics to identify speakers and authenticate testimonies.

The future of court reporting

Of course, no matter how advanced legal artificial intelligence in Phoenix, AZ becomes, human involvement is still required. Moving forward, court reporters may become court technologists. This transition is already happening in many cases. The individual manages the various technologies involved and ensures they function properly.

By embracing technology and using it to further the industry, court reporters are helping the court systems remain on the cutting edge of technology and use AI to benefit all parties involved. As this partnership with court reporting technology in Phoenix, AZ continues, we will see ongoing changes in the legal system, hopefully for the better.

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