Seven Advantages of Video Depositions for Attorneys

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While all attorneys have their own preferences when it comes regard to deposition format, there is no doubt that there are some key benefits to video depositions in Phoenix, AZ that attorneys should at least consider.

Here are a few examples of some of these benefits:

  • More forthcoming witnesses: There are some attorneys who believe witnesses to be more forthcoming in video interviews than in standard, unrecorded depositions. They might find it harder to get away with lying or withholding information when they know their interview is being recorded, and that all of their expressions and movements will be analyzed over and over.
  • Ideal for evidence exhibits: Video depositions make it easier to create references for exhibits in the courtroom. It makes it much easier for a jury to follow along with what a witness is saying, especially when you’re dealing with expert witnesses who have knowledge that is beyond the typical understanding of a jury member.
  • Analysis beyond words: Deposition transcripts and audio recordings allow you to carefully consider the words and inflections of a witness, but video allows you to go a step further in your analysis. You will be able to carefully examine not just what a witness is saying and how they’re saying it, but also how they’re presenting themselves in the process. You can analyze eye contact or eye movements, general demeanor, posture, fidgeting and any other “tells,” all of which can help you gauge truthfulness and sincerity. There’s a lot of information you can glean from video, beyond what would just show up in the transcript.
  • More interesting: If you wish to make the evidence more interesting or compelling to a juror, they are likely to be far more interested in a video presentation of a deposition, rather than an attorney reading the transcript in court.
  • Save money: There is the potential to save on some costs by using video depositions. Rather than flying an expert witness out to serve as a witness, you can allow them to testify via video deposition instead.
  • Additional information: Is there anything else happening in the deposition room that might not make it into a transcript? This could include any signals an attorney sends to a client, or a witness repeatedly looking to an attorney for an answer. This could be useful information for a jury or for a team of attorneys to consider.
  • COVID-19 considerations: The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously made it difficult to gather people together in person, even for legal purposes. Setting up videoconferencing and allowing depositions to occur in such a manner for certain types of witnesses can allow cases to proceed efficiently, when the circumstances of the pandemic might have otherwise made it difficult to move forward with the case.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of video and remote depositions in Phoenix, AZ? In today’s world that is relying more than ever on virtual communications, this could be a useful tool for your legal arsenal. Contact the court reporters at Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC for more information.

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