Tips for Remote Depositions

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Remote depositions in Phoenix, AZ have been occurring since technology has made teleconferencing easily accessible to firms, but the COVID-19 pandemic has increased their popularity and necessity. While we’re staying at home to slow the spread of the coronavirus, legal teams can still conduct depositions across the globe.

If you’re just now getting on board with remote legal proceedings, the most important thing to remember is that, as with anything in the law practice, preparation is the key to success. Whether you’re unfamiliar with the technology or you just need help figuring out how to translate traditional depositions to remote versions, research is your friend. Here are our best tips for managing remote depositions in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Make sure everyone understands how proceedings will be conducted: Everyone involved in the deposition needs to know that it’s a virtual proceeding as well as how and when it will take place. Make sure the attorneys, court reporters, videographers, witnesses and anyone else involved have all the important details. Be sure to take time zones into account, as well as security needs (such as breakout rooms), the type of device or connection required and which videoconference software you’ll be using. Send this information out well in advance so everyone comes prepared.
  • Get familiar with the technology first: Whether you’re comfortable with the technology or this is your first videoconference, it’s key to test the software and your internet connection well ahead of time. Make sure to test the actual device and connection you’ll be using on the day of the deposition, and try out all of the features. That way, you won’t be struggling to get a certain feature to work while others are waiting in real time.
  • Know how you’ll present exhibits: Decide, preferably in conjunction with the opposing counsel, how you’ll show exhibits. There are several good options for this, including screen sharing, uploading your documents to an online repository or working with online exhibit management software. Remember that different types of exhibits require different kinds of presentation—you might be able to effectively screen-share photos, but in-depth expert witness reports should be made available another way. Make sure to test this out when you’re testing your device and connection.
  • Determine whether you’ll need additional services: If you suspect you’ll need additional services like a videographer, make sure you request their presence well in advance. They, too, will need to test their internet connections and devices, and will require the same time and place details that witnesses, staff and opposing counsel need.
  • Expect the unexpected: Finally, expect that there may be problems and delays in your remote deposition, and try to exercise as much patience as possible. Although the pandemic has been keeping us at home for half the year, some firms are just starting their transition to online proceedings.

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