Benefits of Digital Exhibits at Depositions

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Have you been stubbornly clinging to physical exhibits during depositions and other courtroom procedures? Whether you’re planning on holding in-person depositions after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, or you want to continue working remotely, digital exhibits are the way of the future in Phoenix, AZ. Not only are they more convenient, they’re also cost saving—something your clients will love. Here’s why electronic deposition exhibits will make your job a lot easier.


Any experienced trial attorney is all too familiar with how much paper (and space) physical exhibits take up. Instead of hauling dozens of banker boxes around, you can save time, money, backaches and paper by presenting digital exhibits. If you prefer to have paper copies available for the proceedings, you can print out the ones you need most and leave the rest to the digital record.

Multiple copies of exhibits

Many attorneys have experienced the sinking feeling of getting to court and realizing they’ve forgotten one or more major exhibits. When you use digital exhibits and store them on a cloud-based server, you’ll always have access to them. Even if your devices crash, you’ll have backup copies available, and all without having to lug them from the office to your deposition location.


Depending on what kind of exhibits you intend to introduce, you’ll love the flexibility of digital exhibits. You can prepare them all ahead of time and choose not to use certain files, or you can create and use a digital exhibit on the spot. This flexibility often leads to better results for attorneys and their clients, since you’ll be able to work with how the deposition is going, rather than how you might have planned for it to go.

How to make digital exhibits work for you

When you’re ready to try electronic deposition exhibits in Phoenix, AZ, there are a few ways to ensure it goes off without a hitch. First, find out which kind of software the court or your court reporter uses, and get familiar with it. For example, Lexcity gives attorneys a “virtual box” of exhibits, which can be electronically stamped by the court reporter, distributed to opposing counsel and entered into evidence. You’ll also want to practice deposing witnesses with electronic exhibits. This will help you decide how to organize the files within the virtual box. Do you want them organized by name, date, the general chronological order or otherwise?

You might also want to give your opposing counsel notice that you’ll be using electronic exhibits, and ask them how they feel about it. If they’re amenable (and in the COVID-19 era, there may not be much of a choice), you can build positive relationships while saving yourself a lot of time, money and hassle.

Working with electronic deposition exhibits in Phoenix, AZ can transform the way you perform depositions. Get in touch with the team at Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC to hire experienced court reporters for your next legal proceeding. We look forward to working with you soon.

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