The Importance of Having a Court Reporter for Your Case

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It’s hard to adequately prepare for a case or litigate a trial without a written record. That’s one of the reasons having a court reporter in Phoenix, AZ is so crucial. Today, budget cuts and short staffing means many attorneys have to secure their own court reporter. However, they’re well worth the cost. They create an unbiased, thorough legal record that can help test witness credibility, preserve witness testimony and make a note of all judicial rulings. If your case moves on to trial later or has to be appealed, your transcript is practically worth its weight in gold.

Here are some of the reasons working with a court reporter is so important:

  • Preserves the record: When you work as an attorney, the written record is everything. Having an accurate court transcript preserves a record of witness testimony and court proceedings. Since court reporters are unbiased and bound by a code of ethics, their written record benefits both parties.
  • Allows attorneys and court staff to review proceedings: Court proceedings like depositions, preliminary hearings, motion hearings and more can go quickly. As an attorney, you might be too nervous or “in the moment” to remember everything that happened. A court reporter’s transcript provides important information about your case, including rulings, testimony and calendaring information. This allows you to review the proceedings at a later date, whether in preparation for trial, appeal or another court date.
  • Provides impeachment material: Impeachment is a legal term—impeaching a witness means challenging their credibility through other evidence. This often happens during trial, when a witness gives conflicting testimony. A sharp attorney—with a court transcript from depositions or preliminary hearings—can challenge them on the spot with the relevant previous testimony.
  • More accurate than speech-to-text: Although technology has advanced a great deal in recent years, it can’t replace a skilled court reporter. Court reporters can transcribe up to 250 words per minute, more accurately than speech-to-text is able to accomplish. They can also add notations about non-verbal communication that recorders would not pick up on.
  • Can appear personally or remotely: Technology might not be able to replace a court reporter, but it can certainly make it easier for reporters to make appearances personally and remotely. Today, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, court reporters in Phoenix, AZ often appear virtually. This makes it possible to work with your favorite court reporting firm, even when your practice takes you out of town—or when a pandemic makes it unsafe to meet in person.
  • Can provide real-time transcription to people with disabilities: Finally, court reporters and modern technology make it possible to provide real-time transcription as the proceedings occur. This is especially helpful for people with hearing disabilities, as they can watch captions appear on a laptop or tablet screen as the reporter transcribes them.

Hiring skilled court reporting services can make or break your case in Phoenix, AZ. Reach out to Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC today to learn more about working with our team of talented reporters.

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