Why Real-Time Reporting Is Important

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Imagine being able to read spoken testimony in real time. If you use a court reporter who provides real-time reporting services, you can do just that. This is an invaluable service for judges, attorneys and clerks alike. Here’s why real-time reporting is so important in Phoenix, AZ, and how you can get it for your own cases.

What is real-time reporting?

You’ve undoubtedly seen the specialized keyboards and machines that court reporters use to transcribe spoken testimony. With real-time reporting, the reporter connects their machine to computers in the courtroom or conference room, which are equipped with the appropriate software. This technology allows court reporters to instantly translate their transcription from stenographic notes to readable text. As long as there’s a connection—be it wi-fi, cable, internet or LAN—you’ll have access to the testimony as it happens. This has many practical applications for attorneys and courts, including:

  • Monitor a case from anywhere in the world: Even if you’re not in town for the proceedings, you can still watch them happen in real time. As long as your computer is connected to the court reporter’s equipment through the internet, you can see the testimony as it happens. That allows senior attorneys to keep an eye on newer litigators, or allows co-counsel to travel out of town even when other proceedings are happening.
  • Highlight specific testimony as it happens: As you watch the testimony appear on your screen, you can instantly highlight (or remove highlights from) the lines you want to be able to reference quickly. This allows you to focus on what’s happening—accurately—without having to take extensive notes.
  • Take notes within the testimony: If you do need to take notes, you can take them directly in the testimony as it’s happening. This allows you to highlight areas for impeachment, then quickly find them when you need them.
  • Verify the transcript is correct while it’s still fresh: Although court reporters are usually quite accurate, everyone makes mistakes (especially when you’re transcribing over 200 words per minute). It’s much easier to raise questions immediately, when you believe you’ve seen an inaccurate transcript, with real-time reporting.
  • Search within the testimony on the spot: Paper transcripts are helpful, but usually you’ll need to take the time to read through them and physically highlight the areas of testimony you want to use. Real-time reporting allows you to instantly search through the testimony by keyword and use it as needed.
  • Help deaf or hard-of-hearing attorneys, court staff and witnesses keep up: Finally, this is a great tool to make litigation more accessible to people with disabilities. There have been several cases overturned on appeal because deaf witnesses didn’t understand what was happening. This can also make it possible for hard-of-hearing or deaf attorneys to practice.

If you’re interested in hiring a real-time court reporter in Phoenix, AZ, look for a real-time-certified court reporter. Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC can help. Get in touch with us today to request a real-time court reporter for your next proceeding.

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