Effective and Strategic Deposition Technologies for Attorneys

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Now that the legal profession has joined the 21st century and is embracing technology as a tool, you should, too. There are plenty of new technologies that attorneys can use for depositions in Phoenix, AZ. Whether you’re still doing remote proceedings on a regular basis or you just want to take advantage of the handy new tools that are available to you, it’s smart to make them a part of your legal strategy:

  • Videoconferencing software: By now, you’ve probably found a videoconferencing program that works for your firm—or perhaps you just use whatever the local courts are using. If you’re not already familiar with the ins and outs of this software, you should take the time to learn. Even though pandemic restrictions are lifting, attorneys and courts will undoubtedly continue to use remote proceedings. Don’t rely on other members of your staff to handle the software.
  • Real-time reporting: Real-time reporting has been gaining in popularity, but traditional court reporting still dominates the legal landscape. This technology allows attorneys, witnesses and courtroom staff to read the proceedings in real time—that is, the transcriptions appear onscreen as the witness is talking. This tool makes it much easier to highlight portions of text for impeachment or follow-up. You’ll also be able to make corrections as needed. You won’t have to ask the reporter to read back the testimony—and it’s a real boon for the hearing impaired, too.
  • Document management software: If you’ve been practicing for any length of time, chances are you have dozens (if not hundreds or thousands) of bankers’ boxes full of litigation documents. It’s impractical and space-consuming. However, electronic document management software can help cut down on this problem. You can organize all of your digitized files, and make annotations right in the case file.
  • Electronic exhibits: Similarly, electronic exhibits are gaining prevalence. Instead of dragging boxes of paper to court or to a deposition, you can simply bring in a laptop, tablet or USB drive with your digitized exhibits. Not only is this easier to physically manage, but it saves time and money on preparing physical exhibits. Ask opposing parties and court staff how they prefer to handle online exhibits, including labeling, marking for the record and presentation.
  • Deposition video recording: You might have a written deposition transcript, but if you’re not taking video recordings of a deposition, you’re missing out on the possibilities presented by this excellent strategic option. Video testimony allows you to see the witness’s body language, expressions and emotions in a way the written record cannot reflect. When you use basic video editing tools, you can prepare clips of the deposition to use at trial—a very effective impeachment technique.

Thanks to the strategic deposition technology available in Phoenix, AZ, legal proceedings are easier to prepare for. They also help make testimony and impeachment more compelling to judges and juries.

If your firm needs assistance with online litigation tools, remote depositions and real-time reporting, reach out to Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC to learn more about what we can do for you.

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