The Benefits of Using Legal Transcription Services

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As an attorney, you’re undoubtedly familiar with legal transcription in the form of court reporting. If you haven’t used it for other purposes, such as transcribing depositions, interrogations, phone recordings and more, you may be missing out. Transcriptions make it much easier to compare spoken-word testimony and evidence—it’s easier when you see the exact words in print, rather than trying to remember from notes what exactly a person said. Here are the benefits of using legal transcription services:

  • Convenient format: The most important benefit—at least for attorneys—is that transcriptions are the most convenient format for trial and other proceedings. It is nearly impossible to double-check voice recordings for impeachment material on the fly. However, if you have a full transcription, you can quietly scan the transcript during testimony and use it for impeachment purposes.
  • More accessible: Fast forwarding and rewinding through audio material is time-consuming. Most of us can’t take notes or transcribe audio like a court reporter, so a 15-minute phone call could take hours to transcribe properly. Having a transcript is more accessible, especially if anyone on your team is hard of hearing. Take advantage of this service to ensure you always have a clear and accurate record on hand.
  • Highlight key portions: When you have a written transcript, it’s easy to go through and analyze everything that was said, highlight the important parts and have it on hand for court. Don’t rely on your memory and audio playback when a written record is much easier to peruse.
  • More precise than notetaking: Some attorneys listen to recordings and simply take notes. That’s valid, but it’s also much easier to forget what “corner store at 75” means—especially if it’s been a few months since you last worked on the case. Transcripts provide a more accurate and precise record than your notes. Since most cases hinge on accuracy, it’s a worthwhile investment.
  • Better organization: However you like to organize your litigation binders, transcripts make it a lot easier to do so. You’ll be able to slot transcripts of phone calls next to that witness’s deposition testimony, or organize by time, event, location and more.
  • Preserve a record for appeal: Finally, when you have written transcriptions of every audio recording or proceeding, it’s much easier to preserve a record for appeal. Not every case turns out the way we would hope. If an appeal is possible and prudent, you’ll want to be ready to go as soon as possible. Having transcripts will help you avoid delays in the legal process.

There are countless reasons why attorneys use legal transcription—these are just a few of the most important ones. Whatever your reason for needing transcripts, talking to the team at Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC can help. Our court reporters are professional, skilled and standing by to help.

Call us today to learn more about our court reporting or transcription services. We’re always happy to extol the virtues of legal transcription and show you the many benefits it can offer.

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