The Benefits of Remote Depositions

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The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly highlighted the benefits of remote depositions. Even with a serious pandemic raging, lawyers, witnesses, judges and court staff were able to keep the wheels of justice turning. As the pandemic winds down and more of the population gets vaccinated, we’ll largely see a return to in-person proceedings. However, remote depositions are here to stay—and that’s a good thing. Here are the main benefits of remote depositions, even when you’re not in lockdown.

Future projections

During the worst days of the pandemic, about 90 percent of depositions took place remotely. However, experts are predicting that they’ll still be used even after the pandemic is completely over: they project about 50 percent of depositions will be remote in the near future. Will that number rise as technological advances make it easier to connect? Only time will tell. One thing is for certain, however: if you’re an attorney, understanding how to conduct remote depositions is the key to future success.

Why remote depositions are here to stay

Here’s a closer look at how the benefits of remote depositions during the COVID-19 pandemic have made it more likely they’ll stick around for years to come:

  • Significant cost savings: Travel is expensive. Attorneys who have to travel to attend depositions end up spending a significant amount of money—and even if their client is paying for it, anyone can experience a bit of sticker shock. Airfare, conference rooms, rental cars, food and accommodations add up fast. Most firms welcome the opportunity to conduct depositions without the extra costs.
  • Save time on travel: Another reason to love remote depositions is the fact that they save you valuable time. Most lawyers are already severely overworked, spending precious time away from their families and homes. Conducting depositions remotely offers the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones, rather than hopping on a plane every time a case demands it.
  • Attend more depositions: Similarly, not having to travel so much means lawyers can be present for more depositions. That’s crucial in cases where junior attorneys are representing the firm for the first time—but it’s also great when you have simultaneous cases. Whether you want to keep an eye on a newer lawyer, provide support or simply juggle a few different litigants, remote depositions allow you to tune in from wherever you are.
  • Robust technological support: Today’s remote deposition software has come a long way from the olden days of dial-up internet. Now lawyers can watch witnesses and opposing counsel from the comfort of their own desks. Depending on how you have your software set up, you might even be able to watch a real-time court reporting transcript as the witnesses are speaking.
  • Better accessibility: Finally, remote depositions make exhibits and transcripts more accessible to lawyers and witnesses. While it takes a little extra preparation to get your exhibits in order, the ease of submitting them ahead of time is well worth the effort.

In short, there are many benefits of remote depositions that guarantee they’ll be around for a long time to come, well after COVID-19 has passed. Need to hire court reporters for your next one? Call Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC today to learn more.

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