Tips on Selecting the Right Space for Your Deposition

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Picking a place for a deposition is one of the keys to its success. You need a place where you can focus, without visual or audible distractions. You’ll also need electricity and internet hookups, depending on your technological needs. The right space for a deposition can be tricky to find—but with this guide, you should be able to find a place that works for you.

Here are some factors in picking a place for a deposition:

  • Convenient location: When you’re choosing a spot for your deposition, consider how far everyone has to travel. If all parties and witnesses are located in the same area, it’s a lot easier to find a space. If you’d like to avoid travel as much as possible, decide on a spot where you can have remote depositions. This has become especially popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, but will undoubtedly continue long after it’s over.
  • Enough space for everyone: Think about how many people will actually be in the room with you—even if you’re hosting a remote deposition. You need to choose a place that has enough space for everyone present, so they’ll be comfortable. If social distancing is a factor, pick a room where everyone can sit six feet apart. That can be a tall order, especially if your office isn’t equipped with large conference rooms.
  • Adequate lighting: Whether you’re videotaping or hosting a remote deposition, you’ll also need a spot that has plenty of light. While depositions do not require the same sort of lighting you’d need for a professional production, it’s still important to make sure everyone is able to see facial expressions, gestures, exhibits and more. These are valuable parts of any testimony, and can impact your case.
  • Peace and quiet: Next, you’ll need a quiet space, especially if you’re recording video or hosting a remote deposition. Microphones can be very sensitive, and may pick up any noise from traffic, building occupants, passersby and even the hum of electronic equipment. This can make it hard (or just plain annoying) to hear what’s being said.
  • Suitable for technology needs: Look for a spot that has adequate power outlets, wi-fi and ethernet connections. While wi-fi is often the most convenient, it’s smart to have backup options in case the signal is spotty that day. If your exhibits will be displayed in a different manner—such as via a projector—you’ll need a place that can handle or provide this equipment, too.
  • Accessible: Finally, your deposition spot needs to be accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Most buildings are accessible as a matter of law, so this shouldn’t be too difficult to find. However, you should still confirm this before you book the place.

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