The Importance of Using a Professional Legal Videographer in Remote Proceedings

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Remote proceedings are here to stay. This means that if you don’t already have a legal videographer on call for your remote proceedings, you’re missing out on one of the best ways to record testimony. Gone are the days where lawyers had to read impeachment testimony into the record. Now attorneys can play video clips of the testimony instead, which makes a far more compelling case.

Why you need a legal videographer

The way our society receives and processes information has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Before video became inexpensive and widely available, lawyers would read transcripts into the records—or, if they really wanted to make the testimony compelling, they could hire actors to act as witnesses to read back the transcripts in front of a jury. Those were serviceable techniques at the time, but now we can do a lot better.

Adults today are used to seeing and hearing video or sound clips. From TikTok to news reports, we’re bombarded with video recordings each day. Not only is it a more accurate way to show testimony, but it’s also possible to pick up on body language, facial expressions and attitude. Written transcripts can’t pick up the hesitation before an answer, cagey body language or incongruous expressions in the way that video does.

Not only is this a more robust way to present evidence, but it also helps keep jurors engaged in what’s happening. Which would you rather experience: a lawyer reading back testimony, or seeing the witness answer questions themselves? Most people would agree that the latter is more interesting.

If you don’t already have a legal videographer on your team, you can rest assured that your opposing counsel probably does. Don’t put your clients at a disadvantage—hire a legal videographer for remote and in-person proceedings.

Recording remote proceedings

It’s easy to record remote proceedings on your own, and you might be tempted to do so—but that doesn’t guarantee the video will be admissible as evidence. You need someone to act as an uninterested third party, who can retain custody of the recording and testify as to its accuracy. It’s also wise to hire a professional, since they’re skilled at framing, highlighting and making sure the subject is audible at all times.

Finally, legal videographers will be able to control what’s on and off the record, which is crucial to your case. Accidents can happen, even if you’re careful—subjects might unmute themselves, while attorneys may forget to go off the record or back on again. A professional will ensure that only the appropriate portions of the proceeding are on the record.

Professional videographers are a great investment for your case, whether this is your first deposition or you’ve done hundreds of them in the past. Although it can be difficult to adjust to a “new normal,” your case might just depend on having credible video testimony.

When you need a legal videographer for remote proceedings, contact Bartelt | Nix Reporting, LLC. Our videographers are standing by to assist with your next deposition or other court proceeding.

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